Friday, February 16, 2018

Week 24&25

Our Bible story this week was about the Good Samaritan Luke 10. The preschoolers will be able to retell the story and that God wants us to help others. We should help those in need and show God's love to others.

The theme for the week is Valentine's Day. We will write on the white board a list of all the things we LOVE.

For a fun Science experiment we put candy conversation hearts in 4 different bottles. One bottle with water, one with vinegar, one with soda, and one with rubbing alcohol. We will watch to see what happens to the candy.



                                                           In art we made:
                                                              our valentine bags
                                                              heart mosaics
                                                              cat with hearts
                                                              coffee filter hearts
                                                              marble painted a heart

                          Our sensory time was spent finding hearts in a container of coffee beans.

                           We threaded heart buttons on a pipe cleaner for  fine motor practice.

We went to the gym for special Valentines party. We had a snack, did a craft, played in a bounce house and met Charlie Charger.

For another fun science experiment we added red food coloring to water and put white daisies in the vase. We will watch each day to see if the red water changes the flower petal red.



                                             Playtime in the gym for gross motor skills.

We celebrated a special birthday !!!

In art we made:
                               a special rock with a heart print
                        a cup at the Valentine party
                                painted with heart cookie cutters

Classroom fun !!!