Friday, May 25, 2018

Week 36 & 37

Our theme last week and this past week was Ocean. It was fun asking the children what they can find at the Ocean. We talked about all the living creatures that live in the Ocean. We looked at pictures and videos.

Our bible story was about Jonah. The children should be able to tell you the story of Jonah. We talked about how important it is to follow directions. God asked Jonah to go preach to the people in Nineveh but Jonah didn't listen and ran away from God. God found Jonah. Jonah then repented and followed God's directions. Jonah 1:9; 2:9

                                                          In art last week:
                                                             fruit loop goldfish bowl
                                                             paint a Nemo fish
                                                             paper plate whale
                                                             beach ball

                                 In a container they played with sand and shaving cream !!!

                                           For math they sorted and matched sea shells.

                                                              In art this week:
                                                                  bubble wrap starfish
                                                                  coffee filter stingray
                                                                  paint with flip-flop stamps
                                                                  paper bag jellyfish
                                                                  paint a puffer fish

                                    For sensory we played in the water with some sea creatures.

                                                     We did Ocean themed puzzles !!

We enjoyed our last few days outside with sand, water table and painting the wall !!!

Last rainy day in the gym !!!