Friday, October 12, 2018

Week 9

Our bible time was spent talking about how we praise God. We sing songs, dance, and play instruments. They know that God wants us to praise him.

The theme for this week was musical instruments. We made a few instruments and played with other ones. We showed them what a marching band looks like, an orchestra, and many other ways we use instruments.

We had our own parade while them children played their tambourines. Check it out on my twitter page.

                                                               In art we made:
                                                                  a colorful xylophone
                                                                  painted with jingle bells

                                  For math we counted the beans we put in our tambourines.

                                         We talked about the letter M and colored a picture.

                                    We had a visit from the Fire Department on Monday !!!

We did a S.T.E.A.M project with apples and toothpicks.

Fun with Friends !!!!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Week 8

Our bible story this week was how "Jesus feeds the 5000" Matthew 14. Today instead of reading the bible story to the children I asked them to tell me the story. You should be so proud of each one of my little friends. Between the 12 of them they were able to tell me the whole story. If you get a chance ask them about it.

Apples were the theme this week. We did many crafts about apples. They watched a video about growing and picking them. There was a taste test. The kiddos also did a S.T.E.M. project, building with toothpicks and apple pieces.

                                                           In art we made:
                                                             coffee filter apples
                                                             paper plate apples
                                                             glued apple jacks to a capital letter A
                                                             tissue paper apple
                                                             apple tree with a loofah sponge

They totally enjoyed the apple tasting, I bought a red, yellow and green apple for them to try. They liked all of them. I cut the apple in half so we could talk about the core and the seeds.

                               We had our snack outside and played with sidewalk chalk.

We colored apple pictures with yellow, green, and red crayons.

Fun with Friends !!!!