Friday, January 18, 2019

Week 20

This week we talked about the Lost Sheep. The kiddos should know that God is like a Shepard  and we are his sheep. If one of us sins and is lost from God he will find us and bring us back to him. God will never leave us.

For our theme we talked about animals. We did puzzles, read books, looked at pictures and played with animals. We talked about where some of them live and the different sounds they make.

                                                           In art we made:
                                                              tissue paper turkey- took 2 days
                                                              duck- took 2 days
                                                              cotton ball sheep

                                     For math they worked on color sorting and counting.

           They played with a Farm animal file folder. It was a where do these things come from.

                                                                    Having fun !!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Week 19

The bible story this week was about Joseph and his colored Jacket. The preschoolers should be able to tell you how Joseph's father gave him a very special coat. We talked about how people give gifts to the people they love and God loves us and gives us many gifts.

Our theme for the week was Jackets. The preschoolers talked about their coats so we all got our coats and showed them to each other. They were all different so then I showed them pictures of coats that people in other countries might wear.

                In math they counted buttons and played a Joseph's matching jacket game.

                                                              In art we made:
                                                                 a jacket with watercolors
                                                                 tissue paper jacket
                                                                Joseph's jacket made from daubers
                                                                a jacket with many textured items
                                                                colored a jacket with markers

                                        They enjoyed playing with all the sensory bottles.

                                       We miss the outside but we love our gym time !!!!

                      The kiddos had a blast throwing leaves up and watching them fly away.